Fishing rules for Storelva in Arna:

§1 Includes

The rules apply to the salmon-bearing parst of Storelva,

Upper and Lower parts ( Divided by the Salmon ladder on Liland) 


§2 Fishing time:

It is permitted to fish for anadrom salmon fish during the period: 
Lower part: up to and including 01.07.xx till 15.09.xx - 
Upper part: no. 15.07.xx till 15.09.xx

§ 3 Fishing gear/tackle:
 For catching anadrom salmon fish it is only allowed to use a rod.
 Only one tool per person can be used, one line per gear and a bait per line.
 The gear should not be left during fishing. 
As livebait it is only allowed to use Worms (can also be artificial Worm/ "gulp"), Lures, 
spinners, fly with maximum one triple hook. On wobbler/jerkbait, it is only allowed with one triple hook. 
For the following pools / fishing spots its only allowed to fly fish with fly or worm:
Lower part: Kulverten, Trollhølen and Store Kvernhushøl. - Upper part: Storehølen. 
See instructions for the aforementioned pools / fishing spots) 

Fishing with shrimp as bait is forbidden.

It's only allowede to use one piece tripple hook on Fly,lures and wobblers. 
When baitfishing with worm it's only allowed to use one singe hook not bigger than 15 millimeters.

When flyfishing, floating dip or the flyline must make the casting weight, 
the weight should not lie in the hook, in the tube or in any other part of the equipment. 
Use of lead or any other sinkers is only aloowed when fishing whith worm as bait. 

It is prohibited to fish in such a way that the fish is likely to be wrongly hooked. 
Gaff (klepp) is prohibited.

§4 Minimum mesurment, quotas and catch & release. * (New 2018)  
The sea trout is protected and must be released carefully.
 Catch & Release is allowed and recomended.
All Adipose fin cut* (fettfinne) Salmon count on the quota and should NOT be released. 
You can catch MAX 2 cut* salmon per day, and then fishing must end.
You can pick up MAX 1 Wildsalmon per day, and then fishing must end.
The fishing license follows the daily registration on day passes and the date-
 of the season on the season card. The 24-hour quota applies in total to the entire river. 
Clearly farmed Salmon / Rainbow and passific salmon must be killed and does not count on the 24-hour quota.
Wild Salmon with a length below 40 cm shall be released.
All wrongly hooked wildsalmon, aslso fish with adipose fin cut off must be released. 
Exceptions are damaged fish must be killed.
We request that spawn colored wild salmon which is not hurt to be released.
Catch & release should be done as gently and carefully as possible. Estimate weight bye eye measure, 
measuring tape or net with weight included. 
Catch and release tips: 
 All fish must be reported on the website as soon as possible, that includes released fish.

Female wild salmon is protected after the 15 of august. Does not apply to fish with 
adipose fin cut off.
§ 5 Variation in fishing pools:
Some fishing spots are more popular than others and it is going to be practicing variation in fishing pools
 Each fisherman can only stand half an hour (30min) in a fishing spot after another fisherman has shown interest in taking over.
The fisherman shall then leave room for the next fisherman. In addition, it refers to signs posted along the river.

§ 6 Disinfection of fishing gear.
 Each fisherman is responsible for ensuring that all fishing gear
lines, vaders, nets etc. used in other rivers or waters during the current-
 season must be disinfected and cleaned before use in Storelva. 
Disinfection station is located at Øyrane Torg. 
For Info / Code Contact: Stein Sivertsen 901 93 016 or Terje Holm 469 84 731

 §7 Penalties: 
Violation of the rules is punishable, cf. Act on salmonids and inland fishery.
 Violation may result in a police report.
 The board is entitled to retract fishing licenses for the rest of the season or 24 hours in case of violations.
 § 8 Entry into force. The new rules will come into force on 01.07.2018.





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